EOSD2022 Summer School SSI Modeling

by jaabell - Wed, 06 Jul 2022
Tags: #opensees #conference #EOSD #python #gmsh


Short applicative lecture given at Eurasian OpenSees Days 2022 in Turin, Italy on July 6th.

Supplementary material:

  • Slides
  • mshopstools.py - A toy library to interface gmsh with openseespy.
  • workshop-ssi1.geo - SSI gmsh .geo (geometry) file for the application.
  • workshop-ssi1.msh - SSI gmsh .msh (mesh) file for the application, generated from the above file without any modifications.
  • workshop-ssi1.py - Python script that reads the .msh file and creates and runs the OpenSees model using openseespy.